Among the popular sicilian Saints, S. Agata has the primacy, both for her history and for the great festival that animates Catania - of which she is patron - in the days from 3 to 5 February. The Feast of Sant'Agata is an ethno-anthropological and UNESCO heritage and the devotion

On June 7th we had the pleasure of welcoming Matteo Mauro in our studio and getting him to discuss with us about his latest interesting project. Il mio Barocco is more than a digital reinterpretation of the Baroque, it is –in Mauro's own words - “the result of a deep

Once again this year the FuoriSalone of Milan Design Week have hosted a new range of Sicilian products between innovation and tradition. InMov , a new collection of cement tiles has been presented at Designland, an event sponsored by ADI Sicilia. Romano Pavimenti is a well know cement tiles manufacturer

Andrea Guardo Studio as location for a fashion shooting. This is the idea of creative director and communication managers of INDUSTRIA01 for the web platform of the renowned homonymous fashion store in Catania. The art installations, the furnishings, the atmosphere of the architectural and design studio are the background