Casa GM

Casa GM results from the demolition and reconstruction of an existing building and, generally speaking, from the idea of ​​renovating existing buildings with the help of SuperBonus facilities.

Keeping the volume of the pre-existing building unaltered yet reinterpreting the domestic environment in a more contemporary way, this house is built with XLAM panels. This technology contributes  in reducing construction times and delivering a building with a high performance envelope in terms of thermal insulation.  

The free-plan layout comprises , on the ground floor, of common spaces (living room, kitchen, dining ) and a master bedroom area. On the upper floor there is a second bedroom with shared private spaces. In the relationship with the external space, the project comprises of various shaded areas as a natural continuation of the open air, in an indoor-outdoor dialogue that is also expressed in the alternation of local materials, finishes and innovative industrial products.



Misterbianco (CT)




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